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The basic principles of Akbar HSE Training privacy policy are:

  • Akbar HSE Training shall not make use of your Personal Details without your permission, except where necessary to supply the services expressly requested by you. (e.g. by way of using one of the Akbar HSE Training services)
  • Akbar HSE Training shall give you the opportunity to check and correct the information relating to you.


“Personal Details” refers to every detail concerning a known or identifiable natural person or persons’ device. Examples of these details are: name, date of birth, e-mail address, postal address, etc.

“Anonymous Data” are data that cannot be traced back to natural persons. In other words, these are data that cannot be used to identify you. They include details relating to the way you use the Akbar HSE Training websites. Anonymous Data also include the domain names and/or IP addresses of internet browsers that consult the Akbar HSE Training websites, the times at which the websites are visited, and other data that cannot be used to identify natural persons. Anonymous data help Akbar HSE Training to improve its website and service on the basis of user behaviour.

Collection and use of personal details Registration

You can visit our website and use Akbar HSE Training services without providing your Personal Details to Akbar HSE Training. You will only be asked to provide certain Personal Details to Akbar HSE Training if you register as a Akbar HSE Training newsletter subscriber, or a user of any forthcoming on-line resources. You will also be asked for some Personal Details if you request information about our services or general information.

For instance, Akbar HSE Training requests Personal Details (such as your first name and surname, e-mail address, website address, etc.) so that we can contact you.

Akbar HSE Training uses this information for the following purposes: to provide you with support in the use of its products and services; to use your first name and surname in e-mail messages and newsletters that Akbar HSE Training sends to users of its services; to inform you about new services.

Sharing Personal Details with others

Akbar HSE Training shall not share any Personal Details with third parties without your consent.

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties

Note: Your data (First Name, Last Name & Email) will be used only for the registration purpose for your exam with respective boards & with www.hse-elearning.com yo provide you with the course login details.

Publication of your identity

Akbar HSE Training occasionally receives requests to publish the identity of the users of the Akbar HSE Training website and services. Akbar HSE Training refuses all such requests, unless it is obliged by law to comply with them.

If a government agency (for example the public prosecution department or the courts, etc.) orders Akbar HSE Training to publish your Personal Details, Akbar HSE Training shall comply.

Anonymous Information

Akbar HSE Training collects Anonymous Data when users visit its website or use its services, even if the users are not registered as users with Akbar HSE Training. Akbar HSE Training uses this information to improve the overall level of service.


Akbar HSE Training protects its databases with firewalls and passwords. Akbar HSE has introduced security measures to safeguard that customer information available to Akbar HSE Training cannot be lost, abused and/or altered. Only specific employees of Akbar HSE Training have access to the databases containing your Personal Details. Although Akbar HSE Training cannot guarantee that the Personal Details will not be lost, abused or altered, Akbar HSE Training does everything possible to prevent any such problems.

Registration for the Course

We will not accept booking forms unless they have been authorized for payment. When we have accepted this form, you are liable for the relevant program fee or cancellation charges.

Your enrollment with Akbar HSE Training will only be effective if and when Akbar HSE Training sends to you its official enrollment receipt and Akbar HSE Training has received in full the Enrollment Fee and (if applicable) any other fee specified by it.

Withdraw for the confirmed admission booking

You have seven days from the date of purchase to cancel Your course and request a refund. No refunds will be offered to You for part or fully completed courses, No refunds will be offered to You if any course material has been downloaded from Your qualification(s).

If you withdraw from a confirmed admission and you wish to withdraw from the admission, then the following charges will be deducted. i.e. this charges should have been informed during the admission about the non-refundable charges.

The amount which is refundable will not be paid in cash or bank transfer, instead you can enroll for alternative course.


E-learning products are non-transferable and the contract for any such purchase is solely between Akbar HSE Training and the original purchaser. The user must not share or pass their Username and Password to any third party neither freely or for financial or any other form of gain. Akbar HSE Training reserves the right to cancel the purchase without refund if the product is transferred to a third party without written permission from Akbar HSE Training.

E-Learning Cancellation and Refund

Provided the software has not been accessed (logged-on) by the user, the purchaser has the right to cancel the purchase for a limited period of up to 7 days from receipt of the Akbar HSE Training purchase confirmation e-mail or letter. To cancel the purchaser must email: info@akbarhsetraining.com with the e-learning course and purchase details.

Thinking of requesting a refund for an eBook?

When requesting a refund for an eBook by sending an email to: info@akbarhsetraining.com.

All refund requests must be received within 14 days of the original purchase. If you purchased the wrong eBook or purchased the eBook by mistake, a refund will only be given if you have not attempted to download the eBook. If not accessed, a full refund will be given for the eBook.

On receipt of your refund request and confirmation that the eBook has not been accessed a credit adjustment will be made on the credit or debit card account used as payment for the original order. Please allow two weeks for the adjustment to be made onto the account.

We reserve the rights

We reserve the right to alter pricing from those published. We reserve the right to run programmes at a different venue from the one specified, when necessary. If this is the case we will tell you as soon as possible and provide you with information about accommodation, travel directions and so on. We reserve the right to change the details of the programmes without notice. Akbar HSE Training reserves the right to cancel courses due to insufficient enrolment or conditions beyond its control. Notification of any cancellation will be made as early as practical and will include a full refund Please follow your internal procedures when applying for


Contacting Akbar HSE Training

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions or about the site, contact: info@akbarhsetraining.com

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